Ready to heal your mind, body, and soul?

The Integrative Health Course
How to Achieve Lasting Holistic Wellness So You Can Start Living an Energetic, Limitless Life in 8 Weeks or Less

Loren Lockman & Fran Turk
Co-founders of Academy for Vibrant Living

Learn the life-changing wellness approach that over 14,000 people from 135+ countries have used to transform their health and happiness.


Do You Want To Thrive In A Body You Feel Good About?

Keep reading if you suffer from any of these symptoms...

  • Unhappy with your weight, causing you to have low confidence and self esteem
  • Low energy or fatigue, preventing you from truly seizing the day
  • Feeling held back by your body, so you aren’t able to accomplish everything you want
  • Frequent brain fog, making you unable to focus and achieve mental clarity
  • Having to rely on medicines and stimulants, just to get you through the day
  • Feelings of stress and anxiety, that make you feel constantly worried and on edge
  • Scared of getting sick, so that you’re living in fear of illness
  • Not in sync with your body, so that you don’t know how to truly care for yourself
  • Unsure how to maintain a healthy lifestyle without relying on prescriptions and fad diets
  • Seeing your loved ones suffer from poor health, but feeling helpless on how to help them look and feel better
  • And the biggest of all, wanting a holistic, natural solution to health, but not understanding where to start, what approach to take, or how to get real results that last.

It's not your fault that you feel stuck.

You want to take action towards transforming your health,

but you haven't been given the right system ...until now.

What you need is an integrative health system that connects your mind, body and spirit.

Dear Health Seeker

It was 1984 and Loren Lockman’s health was on a steady decline. He suffered from a number of health concerns, including chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, candidiasis, sinusitis, frequent illnesses, and 57 allergies (yes, you read that right).

Stressed, tired, and generally unhappy with frequent brain fog, Loren couldn’t imagine living the rest of his life feeling so miserable in his body. 

And so, like most people do, he turned to modern medicine for help, desperate for answers and to reclaim his quality of life back.

But finding a lasting solution to his ailments wasn’t an easy process. For the next three years, he struggled with various prescription medicine to no avail. 

Frustrated, and sick and tired of being sick and tired, Loren set out to find a better way… a way in which he could naturally heal and nourish his body from the inside out, so he could transform his entire well-being naturally and holistically. 

Today, at 58 years old, Loren is healthier than he’s ever been. In fact, he hasn’t been sick a day in 31 years! He leads a life of vitality and happiness, and thrives through each day with energy, mental clarity, and purpose.

Through practicing an integrative approach to health and wellness using all-natural methods, Loren Lockman has transformed his entire mind, body, and spirit.

Now, Loren Lockman empowers thousands of people around the world to transform their own lives by educating them on how to create a sustainable, healthier, and happier lifestyle.

The Journey To True Health Starts With Healing Your Whole Self.

The problem? Most people are misinformed about nutrition and health, and modern medicine doesn’t really address treating the whole self, including the mind-body connection.

As a result, people are generally unaware of how to live a healthy life, leading them to suffer all kinds of symptoms, most commonly including low levels of energy, digestive distress, allergies, overweight, stress, heart conditions, diabetes, addictions and more-creating a poor quality of life.

Instead of wasting your time and money on traditional medicine, which focuses mainly on suppressing symptoms rather than teaching and healing the root cause of disease

It’s time to learn the fundamentals of holistic health, so you can understand how to properly nourish your body and soul.

The #1 Integrative Health Solution For Lasting Results

Learn our proven system to feel vibrant, healthy and joyful inside and out, each and every day, so you can start living a purposeful life without limits.

Our goal is to show you the path you need to follow in order to recover your vitality, and achieve lasting results, not just for yourself, but for your loved ones, too.

This transformative program gives you the education, tools, strategies, and health hacks you need to live a vibrant life of sustainable wellness. Based on nutrition, holistic health and personal growth, this unique program incorporates a profound understanding of life and what it truly means to heal and thrive.

It’s a complete solution, taught by world-renowned teachers with over 30 years of experience, who will teach you everything they know, so that you can accomplish all your health and wellness goals.

And if you’re passionate about helping others lead a life of wellness, you’ll be able to understand and apply the same frameworks Loren uses with his own private clients.

The education, tools, and strategies to transform your whole health - mind, body, soul.

ATTN: This Vibrant Health program is NOT just another diet and nutrition plan!

This transformational program is designed to heal, activate, and strengthen the complete mind-body connection for holistic wellness. It’s a health program that addresses the root issue of your health problems, and works to build and strengthen your natural defenses naturally.

This is the Vibrant Health Advantage...

  • TAUGHT BY A WORLD RENOWNED TEACHER. Loren Lockman has spent the last 30 years dedicated to helping people recover their health and vitality with successful results!
  • PROVEN RESULTS. We have helped over 12,000 people from 135 countries recover their health and vitality.
  • SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS. We offer the most complete programs in a profound and simple way for you to learn and integrate easily into your personal life and career.
  • NATURAL, HOLISTIC APPROACH. We take a holistic approach to teaching because we believe that wellness and health is not only the food you have on your plate, but also your spiritual, mental and emotional nourishment. Instead of looking at one aspect, we look at the whole being.
  • EXCLUSIVE TUTORING. We want you to get the most of your learning so our programs include tutoring. The tutoring consists of being able to ask questions you may have along your learning journey.
  • LIVE COACHING. We offer monthly live coaching webinars for our students to ask pending questions, discuss a particular topic of interest and connect the AVL community together. We also have an online forum where students and teachers connect.
  • HEART-CENTERED COMMUNITY. You will receive support, feedback, motivation, inspiration and human connection from our heart-centered community of passionate coaches and students who believe in changing the world by helping transform one life at a time. We can be the best version of ourselves by inspiring and supporting one another, in cultivating awareness, wisdom and loving action.
  • NO PREREQUISITES. Anyone passionate about health can take our courses, and use their education to help other people change their lives and achieve wellness.
  • 100% ONLINE AND SELF-PACED, so you can learn flexibly on your own time, from anywhere in the world and at your own pace.
  • DESIGNED FOR YOUR SUCCESS. Our programs are designed for your success. As our mission is to create a better world by transforming people’s lives, we focused on creating efficient and success guaranteed courses. With your practice sessions, reading material and case study assessments, you will gain the confidence you need to launch your healthy, happy lifestyle.
  • OPTIONAL HEALTH COACH CERTIFICATION. All the tools necessary will be provided for you to optimize your health and if taking the AVL Health Coach program, launch a successful coaching business.

Invest in your whole health now, or pay to be sick later?

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed, confused, or alone in your health journey.

Take ACTION today to take control, heal, and thrive in a life of wellness, where you feel good about your mind, body, and soul. 

Just imagine getting the clarity, guidance, and accountability you need to achieve holistic wellness in a fraction of the time.

The Vibrant Health program is YOUR complete solution to help you increase your energy levels, nourish your body the right way, get rid of stress and anxiety, and take focused action to achieve powerful results and health benefits. 

What would it feel like to achieve whole-body health, so you can experience life vividly, vibrantly, and fully?

Course Objectives

With over 32 Hours of Video Lessons & 115+ hours of additional written resources,
by the end of this course, you'll be able to...

  • Distinguish which foods are best adapted for your physiology and biology for greater assimilation to truly nourish the body.
  • Develop a positive mindset that will help you create a healthy lifestyle in accordance with natural laws.
  • Learn how to boost your immune system and energy levels with the right foods and lifestyle in order to feel amazing.
  • Experience how to connect and intuitively listen to your body in order to know when, what and how much you should eat to cover your body’s needs and optimize your health.
  • Discover how to lose excess fat and reach your ideal weight without living on a diet.
  • Understand how digestion really works, how to optimize it with the correct food combinations and never have digestive distress again.
  • Integrate the detoxification process in order to cleanse & heal your body
  • Master the 7 keys for optimal health in order to nourish all aspects of your being.
  • Apply efficient techniques to channel emotional eating & food addictions in a positive and creative way.
  • Identify unmet vital needs and learn how to create balance in your life in a holistic way
  • Learn which foods support your spirituality & inner connection in order to bring more joy and happiness into your life.

And much more!

Who is this for?

Any person who wants to thrive & learn about the art of holistic health and nutrition.

Health professionals wanting to take their knowledge and career to a higher level.

Anyone wanting to become a Certified Health Coach with our training course.

How Will I Learn?

At AVL we want to make your online learning experience simple, easy and effective.

That’s why our training is given in separate modules and accompanied with valuable written resources to help you fully integrate your learning.

Each lesson builds on the previous one so that you integrate each teaching gradually and effectively. The lessons have a practical part and you will be able to implement them in your personal life right away.

Video Format:
For our classes, we use a pre-recorded, high-quality video format which you will be able to watch from any computer, phone or device from anywhere in the world.

PDF Material:
Each module is accompanied with reading support material, which you’ll have lifetime access to. This written material will help you integrate the content from the lessons

You’ll have access to communicate with your teachers for any questions you have

Short & Concise Lessons: It has been proven that students focus and learn better in short periods of time. Also, in this busy world, time is important and this method allows you to advance in any free moment you have.

Live Coaching Webinars: You will also have lifetime access to live webinars with lead instructors, Loren and Fran. They’ll be live every month to help support you throughout the course and answer your questions. Webinars will also be recorded for students that missed it or for a replay!

AVL Community:
You will receive support, feedback, motivation, inspiration and human connection from our heart-centered community of passionate coaches and students who believe in changing the world by helping transform one life at a time. We can be the best version of ourselves by inspiring and supporting one another, in cultivating awareness, wisdom and loving action..

Here's what you'll get when you sign up for the
Brand-New Vibrant Health Course:

Module 01


Objective: Expand your vision regarding optimal health and our real potential.

  • Our Body’s Real Potential.
  • Why You Need to Be Your Own Health Advocate
  • What is Real Health The Role & Importance of Nutrition in Health & Wellness.
  • Why Nutrition And its Role in Health Is So Frequently Misunderstood
  • Making Optimal Choices Reflects A Positive Sense Of Self-Worth And Self-Love
  • Being Healthy Is Simple

Module 02


Objective: Bring awareness to WHY there’s a health crisis.

  • Where We Are Now
  • How We Got Where We Are
  • Common Beliefs & Paradigms Regarding Health
  • Transformation Of Food Over The Last Century
  • Dispensing With What’s Natural for Us
  • Our Shifting Food Supply
  • Unnatural Activities
  • Unnatural Lifestyle
  • Emotional & Mental Causes
  • How To Go Where We Want To Go

Module 03


Objective: Explore in a deeper sense the human body and it’s main functions

  • Cells & Nutrition
  • Functions Of Our Main Organs
  • The Microbiome And Its Importance For Our Health
  • The Gut-Brain Axis
  • Body’s Second Brain: Intestines
  • Understanding In Depth The Acid - Alkaline Balance

Module 04


Objective: Learn about the body’s real nutritional needs, understand real facts vs. myths

  • Purpose of Food
  • The Science Of Nutrition Vs. Holistic Nutrition
  • Macronutrients
  • Carbohydrates: Types, Needs, Myths
  • Understanding Sugar
  • Proteins & What’s Our Real Need
  • Difference between Plant & Animal Protein
  • The Role Of Fats & Our Real Needs
  • Difference Between Saturated & Unsaturated Fats
  • Consequences Of Eating Too Much Fat
  • Micronutrients
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fiber: Soluble & Insoluble
  • Phytonutrients
  • Hydration & Its Importance
  • Causes Of Dehydration
  • Understanding Calories
  • Calories Differ From Food To Food
  • Empty Calories
  • Debunking the Calorie Theory
  • Digestive Enzymes

Module 05


Objective: Delve into human physiology and digestive anatomy to understand our dietary nature

  • Determining Our True Dietary Nature
  • Difference Between Humans And Animal Carnivores
  • Are We Herbivores?
  • Are We Starch Eaters?
  • Are We Consumers Of Fermented Foods?
  • Are We designed To Drink Animal Milks?
  • Are We Eaters Of Nuts, Seeds?
  • Are We Omnivores?
  • Are We Frugivores?
  • There Is A Natural Diet For All Species

Module 06


Objective: Delve into human physiology and digestive anatomy to understand our dietary nature

  • What is food? Qualities Real Food Must Have
  • Where Do Different Foods Fall On The Scale Of Health?
  • Study Of All Types Of Foods.
  • What Are Fruits & Their Benefits
  • How And When Is It Best To Eat Fruits?
  • Fruit Classification Groups & Combinations
  • Difference Between Glycemic Index & Glycemic Load
  • The Role Of Insulin
  • Myths And Misunderstandings About Fruits
  • Conventional Food vs Organic Food

Module 07


Objective: Explore and understand the pros and cons of the different existing diets

  • Pros and Cons of The Different Existing Diets in the Market: Cultural Standard Diet
  • (SAD), Paleo Diet, Ketogenic Diet, Blood type Diet, Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, Vegetarian, Veganism, The Blue Zones Diet, Raw Vegan Diet.
  • Making Transitions Can Be Easy
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Diets and Body’s Nutritional Needs in Different Life Stages
  • Longevity

Module 08


Objective: Understand the best approach to food and nutrition so to get the most results

  • Is Processing Whole Foods Good for our Health?
  • Benefits And Disadvantages Of Different Processing Methods
  • Freezing
  • Sprouting
  • Juicing And Smoothies
  • What About Dehydrated Foods?
  • Fermented Foods
  • Salt, Oils & Cholesterol, Vinegar
  • Stimulants
  • Excitotoxins
  • Different Types Of Sweeteners

Module 09


Objective: Learn in depth about superfoods and dietary supplements

  • Why Deficiencies and Imbalances Exist
  • How To Balance A Deficiency
  • Superfoods: What Are They & Do We Really Need Them?
  • Can Supplements Help Boost Your Immune System?
  • Vitamin B12: Sources, Myths, Needs.
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium
  • Protein

Module 10


Objective: Get clear on the detoxification process and how to choose clean eating

  • What Happens When We Adopt A Healthier Diet
  • The Main Mistake People Make When Optimizing Their Diet.
  • From What Do We Need To Detoxify?
  • Benefits Of Detoxing The Body
  • Physiology Of Detoxification
  • The Lymphatic System Has A Major Role In The Detox Process
  • Water Fasts To Accelerate The Detox & Healing Process
  • What Can You Heal With Fasting?
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Common Mistakes While Fasting Alone
  • Is Dry Fast Safe?
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Do Herbs And Natural Treatments Cleanse The Body?
  • Pros & Cons Of Most Common Cleanses
  • What Is Mucoid Plaque
  • Efficient Ways To Start Allowing The Body Detoxify Itself

Module 11


Objective: Explore how vital energy works in the body and how to maximize it so to manifest our maximum potential.

  • Factors That Influence Energy & Vitality
  • How To Increase Naturally Our Vital Energy
  • The Importance Of Having Energy
  • Consequences Of Not Having Enough Energy
  • Energy And Disease
  • Understanding How Energy Runs & Works Through Your System
  • Distribution Of Energy In The 3 Energy Systems

Module 12


Objective: Learn the secrets to listen clearly your body in order to nurture it & meet all its needs in the best possible way.

  • The Body’s Biorhythms: What Are They - Their Importance
  • Proper Food Combinations: Importance of Combining Correctly
  • Digestion Times Of Different Foods
  • Benefits Of Mono-Meals
  • Differences Between Real Hunger And Fake Hunger
  • Emotional Eating - Eating Without Physical Hunger
  • Consequences Of Eating Without Real Hunger
  • Different Kinds of Eating Disorders
  • Overcoming All Eating Disorders Requires Changes
  • Adopting Healthy Eating Habits
  • Learning To Listen To The Body
  • Techniques To Channel Emotional Eating & Food Addictions In A Positive And Creative Way
  • Breathing & Meditation Techniques
  • Mindful Eating

Module 13


Objective: Learn everything you need about body weight and how to manage it

  • Weight Is Composed By 3 Elements
  • Proper Body Weight Is An Effortless, Natural Outcome Of Being Healthy
  • Why Diets Don’t Work
  • Overweight Compromises Different Aspects Of Our Lives
  • Overfat People Are Malnourished
  • Main Factors That Affect Body Weight
  • Other Factors That Affect Weight Loss/Gain
  • How To Gain Weight For Underweight People
  • Sudden Weight Loss When Optimizing Your Diet
  • Metabolism: What It Is, What Affects It, Ways We Unbalance It & How To Balance It again

Module 14


Objective: Integrate all the other factors for healthy living

  • Physical Exercise: How Much Should I Work Out?
  • Best Time For The Body To Workout
  • How Much And What Should I Eat If I Do A Heavy Workout?
  • Simple Exercises For Muscle Building You Can Do At Home
  • Vital Importance Of Sleep: How Much And What Affects It
  • Tips For A Good Night's Sleep
  • Importance Of Sunlight
  • Importance Of Our Primary Nutrient: Air

Module 15


Objective: Develop emotional, mental & spiritual awareness & balance for personal growth

  • What You Think And How You Feel Affects Your Overall Health
  • How Our Thoughts And Emotions Impact Your Biology.
  • The Practice Of Forgiveness
  • Creating A Positive Mindset With Your Life
  • Creating A Positive Mindset With Your Food Choices
  • How To Deal With Not Fitting Into Family And Social Events
  • Simple Mindfulness Meditation Before Eating
  • Self Love
  • Identify Your Own Strengths
  • Create Positive Affirmations For Yourself
  • Learn To Love Your Body As It Is
  • Embrace And Love The Things That Make You Different
  • Follow Your Passion.
  • Be Mindful Of What You Think, Feel And Want
  • Forgive Yourself.
  • Learn To Say No
  • Give Up The Need For Approval From Others.
  • Get Creative And Express Yourself In Whatever Way You Like.
  • Getting In Touch With Your Inner Dialogue
  • How To Deal With Difficult Situations
  • Dealing With Disapproving Family And Friends
  • Dealing With An Invitation To Dinner At A Friends House
  • Raising Healthy Children In A Hostile World

Meet Your Instructors!

Our mission is to transform the world into a more sustainable, healthier and happier place by deeply empowering people to change their lives.

Loren Lockman

Founder and director of the Tanglewood Wellness Center (Costa Rica) since 1996, Loren has studied the relationship between diet and health since 1977.

After contracting Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel, sinus infection, systemic candida, and 57 allergies in 1984, Loren walked away from medicine 3 years later. Now 58, Loren hasn’t been sick a day in 31 years, & can show you how you can eliminate tiredness, lack of mental clarity, poor energy, as well as almost any health challenge.

He became a health coach in 1990 and has taught thousands from over 135 countries how to achieve amazing results and has personally coached more than 12,000 clients to an amazing level of health and vitality.

An original thinker, gifted speaker, frequent podcast and webinar guest, article author, reiki-master, 28-year raw vegan, poet, permaculture instructor, and author of the unconditionally-guaranteed Creating Perfect Health System, Loren can show you how to maximize your health… guaranteed! He is also co-founder of Academy for Vibrant Living

Fran Turk

Fran is a health enthusiast. He is a co-founder and teacher of Academy of Vibrant Living, certified Naturopath, passionate Health & Life Coach, Inner Child Therapist, Touch for Health Practitioner and Energy Healer.

He has over 11 years of experience in health and wellness, working with people who want to recover balance and health in their lives. His passion for personal growth and development started at a young age, after having suffered with chronic fatigue since the age of 18.

He found a way to recover his health, vibrancy and happiness through different methods which he now wants to share with the world.

Since then he has been helping and guiding people heal, so they can live a more joyful and fulfilling life. He sees health in a holistic view, connecting body-mind-spirit and believes that happiness, joy and health is our natural state of being.

Who's ready to be next?

Over 12,000 clients impacted from 135+ countries all over the world!

“I applaud the compassionate work of Loren Lockman, which offers a wealth of material and information. It is easily understandable and presents health education in a way that no other program does. It helped me make positive choices about my health and lifestyle. Prior, I was overwhelmed, and now I feel informed and empowered. It literally changed my life and my health is amazing because of the education he provided me with.”

Guzel A

“I took the AVL course shortly after I had a life threatening accident. Prior to the course I was on bed rest and couldn’t move my body. After learning about the power of healing and its connection to nutrition, I completely changed my diet and my body recovered much faster than the doctors had expected. This lifestyle change that I learned through AVL, allowed me to heal myself. I now feel more energetic and stronger than ever.”

Kaitlyn Incera

“I still remember the first time I heard Loren speak about health and diet. I seriously had never heard anyone talk so much sense in my 30-something years. Since then I have soaked up as much as I can of Loren’s wisdom and knowledge. The key has been putting it into practice and my health just keeps getting all the better for it.”

Sarah Amuchastegui

“After taking the Vibrant Health course, my life changed and I started being more open and honest, being true to myself. I started speaking my truth and I became more environmentally aware and conscious on how my actions affect not only me but the ones who surround me.”

Jen Harder

“Thanks to AVL I completely turned my life around. I had excess body weight for my whole life that I just couldn’t get rid of and now I have finally reached my ideal weight, without dieting! I didn’t like my figure, and after taking the course I learned to love my body, take care of it and now I have a completely different relationship with myself.”

Maria English

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if this course is right for me?
    If you desire high levels of vitality, energy and health and you are passionate about wellness and want to optimize your health, this course is right for you. Want to be inspired? Read our student’s stories at
  • I already did another health course. Will this be repetitive?
    Absolutely not. AVL’s Vibrant Health course is unique. This program is based on Loren and Fran’s combined 30 years of working with thousands of people from all over the world. We combine holistic health with natural nutrition, and we focus on the overall wellness of the person, so you will definitely learn new, exciting and useful information that will transform your life.
  • Can I pay the tuition with a payment plan?
    Yes, we offer payment plans because we believe that money should never be an impediment to not do what resonates with you and your path. For the Vibrant Special, we're offering three payments of only $500 to enroll in the course.
  • How long will it take me to complete the program?
    As it is self-paced, you can take the time you want.
  • Is it possible to meet my classmates in person?
    Yes it is! Once you are a Vibrant Living student, you’ll be invited to attend our year event at Loren’s beautiful center in Costa Rica for our 7-day live events. It will be a fun week full of amazing activities in paradise. This event is an opportunity to learn in person from Loren and Fran, share, make new friends and have fun with like-minded people from lots of different countries!
  • Will I have contact with other students throughout my training?
    Of course! You’ll have access to an online forum where you will be able to share ideas, receive support from classmates and ask questions. You will also have the chance to participate in our monthly webinars where you will be able to meet other students.
  • If I work full-time or I'm a full-time parent, can I still do the training?
    Of course! As we mentioned before, we’ve designed the program with maximum flexibility for the person who is working and busy or is a full-time parent.
  • How many hours per week will I need to invest in the program?
    Since the program is self-paced, ultimately you decide how many hours you want to invest weekly. Most students dedicate between 2 and 5 hours a week.